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Moisture, either liquid or vapor, is present in compressed air as it exits the compressor system. If this moisture is not properly removed, your compressed air system can lose efficiency and require dramatically increased maintenance, which can result in costly downtime.The majority of pneumatic instruments and processes can not tolerate hot compressed air, compressors are normally supplied with after-coolers and moisture separators. After-coolers are heat exchangers that utilize either water or ambient air to cool the compressed air. As the water and lubricant vapors within the compressed air cool, a significant amount condenses into liquid. An after-cooler discharging compressed air at 100F passes 67 gallons of water per 1,000 scfm per 24 hours.To avoid these problems, compressed air systems have purification devices available to remove the water vapor and other contaminants. The proper selection of these devices is critical as pneumatic applications and compressed air systems become increasingly sophisticated.


The pneumatic equipment in use and the lowest expected ambient temperature determine the drying method. The most common dryer is a Refrigerated Air Dryers that cools the compressed air, condenses water and oil vapors, separates them, and drains them from the system. The “dried” compressed air is then fed to the air system.

Dryer performance is specified as a pressure dew point class that is based on a specific inlet and ambient conditions. The lowest pressure dew point class with a Refrigerated Air Dryer is Class H. This class delivers a pressure dew point that of 33EF to 39EF. Refrigerated Air Dryers should not operate below the Class H range because the water vapor will freeze in the dryer. The highest practical pressure dew point for a refrigerated dryer is 60EF because higher pressure dew points give condensation in downstream piping.

Refrigerated Air Dryers remove moisture from the compressed air through a mechanical Refrigeration Dryer System to cool the compressed air and condense water and lubricant vapor. Most Refrigerated Air Dryers cool the compressed air to a temperature of approximately 35EF, resulting in a pressure dew point range of 33EF – 39EF. Keep in mind that this range is also the lowest achievable with a refrigerated design since the condensate begins to freeze at 32EF.


Trident Refrigeration Dryers are suitable for all compressed air systems like :

  • Condensing Temperature control for ambient Temperature variations.
  • Hot gas by-pass circuit for partial load.
  • Maintains constant pressure dew point.
  • The advanced mimic display indicates the functions & faults if any.
  • Trident Automatic Drain Valve provided in Demister & Heat exchangers for effective Dryer functioning

Warm compressed air enters the Air/Air heat exchanger where it is pre cooled by outgoing cold refrigerated air. Pre-cooling makes it possible to use a smaller (more economical) Refrigeration Dryer System. Then the pre-cooled air enters the Air to Refrigerant heat exchanger where it is cooled down to +3° c. At this cool temperature, water condenses into liquid droplets, which are removed from the air stream by a very efficient Demister and automatically discharged to drain by a Trident Automatic drain valve.

The cold dry compressed air passes back through the secondary side of the Air to Air heat exchanger where it is reheated by the incoming warm air. Reheating the outgoing compressed air increases the volume of the air enabling it to do more work and it also prevents downstream pipe sweating. Trident heat exchanger has no extended surfaces or sharp corners that collect dust, dirt or oil residue. Their self cleaning smooth surface tube in shell and tube design will maintain the same heat transfer efficiency through out the dryer’s life. Any dust, dirt or oil will be washed from the air system along with the condensed moisture at the De-mister.


Refrigeration Dryers are suitable for all compressed air systems like : (As per ISO 9001:2008 Low pressure and high pressure Air Dryer Manufacturer, Air Dryer Manufacturers, Air Dryer Manufacturers in India, Refrigerated Air Dryer manufacturers Ahmedabad)

  • Plant Air
  • Machines
  • Cylinder applications
  • Foundry
  • Textiles
  • Engineering
  • Glass blowing 


Other Specifications
Capacity of Air Dryer:
1 20 12 Kg / 40 Kg Yes Choice
2 40 12 Kg / 40 Kg Yes Choice
3 60 12 Kg / 40 Kg Yes Yes
4 80 12 Kg / 40 Kg Yes Yes
5 100 12 Kg / 40 Kg Yes Yes
6 150 12 Kg / 40 Kg Yes Yes
7 200 12 Kg / 40 Kg Yes Yes
8 250 12 Kg / 40 Kg Yes Yes
9 300 12 Kg / 40 Kg Yes Yes
10 400 12 Kg / 40 Kg Yes Yes
11 500 12 Kg / 40 Kg Yes Yes
12 1000 12 Kg / 40 Kg Yes Yes

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